Project Support of Renewal and Introduction of Mission-Critical Systems

5 Special Features of IT Consulting Services

  1. We indicate the appropriate IT investment amount, and support your companies’ decision making.
  2. We design RFP(Request for Proposal).
    As a result, we can carefully select “IT systems” and “the requirements needed”.
  3. We promote the innovation and improvement of business operations.
  4. We support the faster renewal and introduction of mission-critical systems by our project-type support.
  5. We train “IT personnel“.

IT PLAN, Inc. Business contents

• IT strategy planning
• Designing RFP(Request for Proposal) for the renewal and introduction of mission-critical systems and sub-systems
• Advisory services of introduction of mission-critical systems as a third party (independent of IT vendor)
• Innovations and improvements of business operations
• Supporting and consulting of inbound businesses trying to enter into Japan
• Coaching and facilitation
• Regeneration planning and conducting due diligence (Business and Financing)
• Land operator in Japan, Okayama

Company Profile

Company Name IT PLAN, Inc.
Address 11-17, Hirose-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-city, Okayama, Japan 700-0806
TEL/FAX TEL(Japanese Only): +81-86-224-0310
FAX: +81-86-899-6945

(Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Registered Management Consultant, System Analyst)